Reviews for "Bomb it"


This brings back the memories. I used to play a game exactly like this a while back all the time. I cant remember what it was called but you certainly made a better version of it. The graphics WOW where do I start. Absolutely Awesome!

Thankyou remaking such an awesome game!



OWW! I went boom again...

This was an overall great game. I really recommend this for others to play.

*Fun Game
*Has Bombs
*Cartoon Violence RULES

*Music is a little corny
*Maybe you could set out more than one bomb

Very nice, I enjoyed playing it.

Graphics-Really good, I advised using smoother lines, like on the bombs.
Style-Good idea
Sound-I didn't really pay attention to that...lol
Violence-Pretty Sweet
Interactivity-You should have more options in gameplay
Humor-haha...he blew up
Overall-A good game

just a bomberman clone

its for girls its not funny. just for little kids.


I liked game, only such feeling. ÷òîîíà for GIRLS! Very bright pink and blue shades, SKIRTS, smilies, all somehow is not serious, and music simply sickening-nursery... As a whole game has turned out average.... The AUTHOR, make the MAN'S VERSION of GAME =) LOL Good game...