Reviews for "Bomb it"

Addictive and Stylish

This is my "stress relieving solitare" game :) I don't know why, but it just makes me happy when I play. I hope you make more games of this quality and ease. And hey - make some Bob It advanced levels!


This is okay....easy should be easier. Or give us more lives. or somfin.

The Best

One of the best games that I have ever played here at NewGrunds, I just can't spot playing it. *^0^*

You should make another one with more things ... XD~


One of the better Bomberman games. Great choice of music, and varied levels keep it fun! Good Job!

Different...In A Good Way.

This game was different. While I was trying to dodge bombs from fellow...Robots? I noticed how intelgent they were. Damn there hard to get, never mind kill. Also the Shoes made it difficult to control insted of aiding me. But overall it was a Thrilling game that made me come back for more several times. Good Job!