Reviews for "Bomb it"

Best bomberman clone I ever saw

There's plenty of bomberman clones out there, but most of them aren't that fun. This is. The happy, cute theme and music is fun and would make it nice for stress relief, the AI is competent enough to provide a challenge while still making believable mistakes (as opposed to the oh-so-easy-to-make-nigh-invinc ible AI), the level tilesets varied enough to not get old fast, and perhaps most importantly, the game has its share of fun and unique powerups (sure, lots have a unique powerup, but not always fun ones and this one skips anything that wasn't fun). Of course, it IS still a bomberman clone.
Bottom line: If you like Bomberman or feel like you would like it if only you could find an example without frustrating godly AI, look here.

This is a cute game.

I liked this game because I got to blow up the other players!!! The music really does match the theme!

The Bomberman that could have been!

The music matches the theme really well. This could go multiplayer online!

great game but......

GET RID OF THE CORNY MUSIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

horrifically cute

grafyx-horrifically cute
style-...well not originally, only originality was the horrifically cuteness
violence-when you get bombed, you i think you would get brutally killed (horrifically cute)
interactivity-well its a game i guess
humor-the horrifically cuteness made it funny
(though, the 5 ins't bad just the truth)
(all the 8's well the game was good overall)