Reviews for "Bomb it"


this reminds me of when i was 6...i used to plat bomber man like a mindless zombie...

I love bomberman

This game brings back memories from 10 years ago when i used to play the original with my friend for hours. I loved playing bomberman, i dunno what it was about it. This game made it much easier to kill off the other players, i liked that, killing them off used to be tough for me. Atleast from what i can remember. I loved this game and i will problably play it again within the hour. Awesome job done. Bravo.


sound-0-i know there is music but i just can hear it cause my speakers are retarded lol
violence-5-only bombs
Humor-0-it wasn't really that funny


Opinion-Interesting way to kill time.......Not too shabby powerups

Way to improve-Add more power-ups,characters & places to

Overall-Nice game,good graphics......and quite easy to play


Great game

Thsi game is the best game taht invovles blowing up stuff your great man.