Reviews for "Bomb it"

omg I love this game and have been playing it for


precious memories

I havent played bomberman in years, Thanks for bringing bak all those precious memories of blowing up shit and enemys, u even added in a few different power ups.
I liked the gernades u cud throw over walls.
Only thing though the CPU players seemed a bit too easy, like they werent trying to attack me. I only played it in normal mode mabey hard mode might show a bit more sportsmanship.


This game is like phenomenal, I can't stop playing it! This game is like, the greatest invention ever! Well not ever...you get what I am saying, lmao. But yes, keep up the good work there!

It's bleeding sic, love <3

Very good!

I really like this game. I could not stop playing this when i first started and then when i found out what all the powerups were i was really getting into it. Keep up the good work.


I have never seen a game more crazy in my life.It was dimented yet fun.