Reviews for "Gateway"

Great game.

The only flaw in this game is the fact that the puzzles were a bit easy on it was to short. Other than that it was great.


i've only seen a couple of games as superb as this. i could tell you put a lot of thought and work into it. For that, i give you a 5. :) good job.

Abosolutly Amazing Wish there were more.

Abosolutly Amazing Wish People would make more stuff like this to keep me sane. Please make more. The Puzzle were very cleaver , i liked the TV one and the last one was difficult.

Way too easy

It's a really great and funny game! kiccks lots of other games asses, but it's way too easy.
Make another, harder and longer one. I'm longing for the day I see Gateway 2.

Very nice

Like many here, I've played the second one first.
There was 1 thing that was a little annoying in here. I pretty much have to stand in front of an object for it to be close enough to do whatever I need to do. Like the balls puzzle. It's not much of a problem but constantly having to move my character, and can't really see if the one he's standing in front of has a ball placed yet.
And the last level was very interesting. I liked it. I thought it was simple to solve. Basically, each bulb flashes a # of times. All the numbers are unique, ranging from 1 to 6. Then, there's 6 possible colors on the ground. That's a huge clue there. I'm expecting Gateway III, and I think it'll be great. Hope to see it soon.