Reviews for "Gateway"


this game was like, amazing. everything about was good. it was challenging, creative, and fun. it had that scary element to it also, like with the PEEPER thing. that really creeped me out and made me want to get out of that hallway fast. the graphics were good and the few tutorial lvls were a great idea. all of it was really professional, i felt like was playing something that i bought. great job, i hope you make more!

Great game!

A very good game it kept me entertained .the last one with the colours was quite difficult to figure out.
Make a sequel plz and keep up the good work!


this game is awsome lets see a sequl


that was a freaky part, i didnt see him staring at me though
i saw him sleeping and started looking for some kind of combination to the keypad and thought it had something to do with the sleeping guy so i look back and see PEEPER! good game dude

Awsome job

Great job dude. I started right after i beat the second and now it makes a little more sense. I jumped at the creepy peeper thing and the flashin blubs in the end sorta threw me. Great job on both games btw. The puzzles were difficult but not enough to stop we from playing. There was obviously some thought put into this game. Please make a Gateway 3. btw 739339 ;)