Reviews for "Portal Detour"

Better than those stupid "Spread the Word" movies.

But I think he should also say, don't make stick figure movies in the first place. But still, it's pretty funny.

Finally, a GOOD parody of Portal movies!

This is a welcome change from most other "How to make a Portal movie" movies. This one is well animated, with good drawings and music (not THAT music! =) Although the whole "mockery of crappy Portal movies" concept has pretty much been beaten into the ground, it's nice to see one that had some effort put into it.

So that's how you make a stick figure movie!?

That movie was pure genius and funny too. Another great movie from Brian James!

That's original =)

Another great movie by that master of Flash, Brian James. A side we've never seen of Brian. His other movies have all been more serious and dramatic, not to say that they're boring, but this is a nice change of pace. Funny dialogue in this one. The best crappy-movie-crusher I've seen yet. "SHUT UP! Not THAT music!" =)

oh, very cool

hahaha, I kinda enjoyed it, especially when you busted in with Photek (yeah!). The extra "fluff" of new entries that only have stick figures, look like they were done in 5 minutes and basically suck has been the angst of NG for a while now. How's this for an added input: "Common Items that behave unexpectedly" (ie- you turn on your microwave and it turns into a black hole, blah blah).
People need to be a bit more creative, go watch some old SNL (sat nite live) and understand the fundamentals to sketch comedy. Just my $.02