Reviews for "Portal Detour"

Good job

Maybe A few tutorials in the portal like this can help....nice jod...

P.S. A Gundam is a large man operated mech/robot from a popular anime series. the one shown was from the series Gundam Wing. Very cool stuff

It is a good depiction of some that I've seen

Ok. I'm just gonna say this once. And I don't want to say it. But about your logo at the end.
"What the heck? It's a Gundam!"

I would just like to say the fallowing:

1) It needed to be done, thank you for valiteering
2) Does Mang Corp know you stole there sybol?
3) The stick men and blood at the beginning are better than what most look like, haha.
4) Keep up the good work, but I would have tried to pick a symbol that was original, and not stolen for some one who accually knows what they are doing...


I really like this movie. It's very informative for people new to flash and planning on submitting to the Portal. The narrating character was a nice touch.


Anybody new to NG or Flash-WATCH THIS! (otherwise, your movie will most likely suck large quantities of cock).