Reviews for "Portal Detour"

Nice work.

Hee hee. This is interesting. It reminds me a lot of stickdeath.com... but that's just me. There are a few people out there so clueless that they could actually use this. :)

Good sum up for how to make a decent animation

A very well Designed strip about how to make a half Decent film.


Final a good portal movie making fun of stick figures. Some people just make one thats all texts and took them 3 seconds to make to tell evey one stop putting shit in the portal when there just putting more shit in the portal


This was a great portal entry it perfectly portrayed the expectations for a normal portal entries. i am sure some people will take this information and write better portal entries. this entry had good effects but wasnt too entertaining. but i think it was overall pretty decently put together. good job

Trying to make the Portal a happier place.

Extremely good movie. The usage of the all-too-often cheezy Flash animation was good, and addressing the lack of plot, originality, etc. that many Portal movies have is right on. The narrator was very funny, but some legs would've been nice :) Otherwise, sending this in was a much better idea than sending in one of those "Bitching About the Portal" or "Don't Send Crappy Movies" entries. Rather, in a casual style, it tells the makers of low-rate Flash movies the errors of their ways, telling them how to make their movies better and us happier. I thank the producer.