Reviews for "Portal Detour"

Finally!!! Thank you

we needed someone to tell them

Thank you

Thank you for finally sticking it to those Flash morons...and doing it by showing a little bit of your skill as well....maybe you could have ended it by recreating that awful opening scene with full motion characters and whatnot. Good idea though!!!!

This makes alot of sense.

This is THE portal awarness video, if i made stuff with flash it would be shit so i'll stick with viewing.


Wow, someone finally started giving people advice. Well, the thing is, most of my movies DO have music and build up and they are BLUE AND GREEN coloured men, and none ofthem are over 2. But, hey, I'm getting there.
Great work.

funny yet true

this is hilarious. this is one of the funniest movies ever put on newgrounds and one of the all time best.