Reviews for "C&D #5 Trip to Austria"

That was SO funny...

That was So funny, it was so funny it made my eyes tear totally up.
It's funny how a submission with not the best graphics can be so funny it makes people give it 10 in overall, thought I'd have to say, you guys (or whoever did it) did an ok good job by cutting your faces and stuff out.

I am DEFINITLY looking forward for you guys next project, I even put you in as number 2 on my "favourit authors" (right after Knox). So take your time making the next one (that is, if you're gonna make a next one), cause you'll need that to make one better than this one.

Keep up the super great work

RavenJinn responds:

thank you man, I will make a next episode.
its so great to know that people like you enjoy the serie

Dude, you guys rock!! =D

Man, I did never EVER expect a good flash animator to make a Flash film about Austria ^^ Really, thanks a lot!

You fulfilled all the classic clich├ęs, very cute humor (as already said, Looney Tunes), and yeah, cool style!

LoL, you won't expect it, but we even got PLAINS here ^^ ... well... time to climb th next mountain - I haven't yodeled today ;D

RavenJinn responds:

I receive so many good comments from austria guys, very cool!


Hey! We have high security standards for our ski lifts. AND the ladders here are NOT rusty. Actually there IS NO rust in Austria, just Moutiains, Snow, and Austrian Ski-instructors or Callboys. About the same.

Apart from that - Good thing. You should have included a "Tyrol"-sign somewhere. Our marketing-guys are crazy for good promotion.

RavenJinn responds:

lol.. I didnt knew about that sign ;).
thanks for the review

Great as usual

Remember last time you said this one would be sooner, yeah it was...by around 3 months :P
Still it was a great movie and worth the wait, keep it up, and next time make it a shorter wait! Poor Yeti.. and you always gotta have the MJ gag :)

RavenJinn responds:

lol, yes you are rigth about the waiting thing. Great review, thanks.

this was great

this was a great movie. Make more like this one!!!!

RavenJinn responds:

Yes I will make more :)