Reviews for "C&D #5 Trip to Austria"


This actually made me laugh out loud. Usually a flash has good comedic ideas but rarely does it deliver like this one did.

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allright then ! thank you!

pretty stupid

this wasn't funny at all

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I dont get you people! in fact I hate you, If you don't like the movie I totally respect that, but please respect the effort I put into this movie, Im doing this for the fans, Im not making any money with it. so please show more respect asshole!


i watched this because i am from austria, but it wasn't really funny.
it is much more fun to watch people from the netherlands skiing :P
but however at least you now the difference between austria and australia.


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Use more rage! lol

Okay, i liked this one quite much, felt its like gonna be really good series, if just taken a few good steps, and/or changes.

Okay lets start, one by one, im gonna listen to the movie again, and see whats good, and what imo need some changes.

1) music, quite cool:D, fits austria i suppose;p

2) The angry fellow should use more rage. The other guy is quite fine, the retard-o-style(or is he ?0o) guy:P, just splendid.

3) Just a thought, this whole thing reminds me Angela Anaconda, when i was a kid, loool:PP

4) I had a few times i didnt hear the voices, make the sounds volume higher a little and try making it more readable. The Danny thing sounded like dummy from time to time and it sounded silly(read: not funny), and when the angry C fellow wasnt angry, it didnt sound like a thing that could make avalanches;P

5) Bloopers - Great idea

6) You may add the "chosen reviews", like 5-10 reviews, just plain texts you found in the reviews, which may also be funny ;P

7) Get a few friends and get even cooler jokes, some of them were very fine, but the others, werent that good. You could use some not too-popular-but-funny ones, or SadButTrue ones.

Thats quite it:p, good job:p

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Very helpfull, thank you man, This is what I call a good review!

--- Simply Wonderful! ---

Another magnificent and hilarious episode of the C & D show!

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That's so great te hear :) thank you.