Reviews for "C&D #5 Trip to Austria"


great, just greatXD
i like this..i remember making my first review to your submission Part 4 , texas or somethingXD
but yea, great styleXD not much of these flashes around where people copy/paste there faces into flash and animate itXD
overal Very good jobe =D!

RavenJinn responds:

Thank you, I really apreciate those positive reviews :)


that guy throwing snowballs got shot lol who could hav3e seen that coming, well done great animation it must have been hard

RavenJinn responds:

Thank you, It took me a while to make it, but really enjoy making it.

worth the wait! =)

You know it's almost a year after the last episode came out. But it's all worth it. :)

I noticed that you listed Texas as a country too, but it doesn't really bother me. I just love you guys' facial expressions. It wouldn't have been so funny if you had not played great. ;P

RavenJinn responds:

It was a long time ago indeed.
But Its great that you liked it


That was kind of funny, especially when you're an Austrian for yourself^^
It's the kind of cliche that it always was...but, it was a cool version. And i liked the Yeti/Wampa Thing^^

RavenJinn responds:

lol. lotsa austrain over here:)
Youve gotta do something about those yeti's over there!

What an asshole

indeed he is.
This movie owns

RavenJinn responds: