Reviews for "C&D #5 Trip to Austria"

My Thoughts

I don't care what anybody else says your getting better and better at this the more C&D you make, keep up the good work, the sound could do with a few more clicks higher, other then that its looking pretty sweet. Just a quick question, how long and how much time did you put into this?

RavenJinn responds:

I started this movie in march, but I didnt worked on it every 24 hours a day

Very good, dutch man!

I have been to the amsterdam airport, and I can safely say that anyone who sells big macs at their mcdonalds is ok by me.

The cartoon was funny as hell, though.

RavenJinn responds:

thank you, yes holland rocks.


ik d8 al da jullie van holland ware ;) zeker opt einde me de bloopers te hore :p:p
goeie graphics goeien humor ma jullie prate wel beke stil he :p^^

(translation: " i tought so u guys were from holland ;) especially with hearing the bloopers at the end :p:p
good graphics , gr8 humor but u talked too quiet :p^^)

RavenJinn responds:

Dankje wel man ;)
(translation: thank you)

Kept me laughing all the way through...

Well, I think it was great (just like the others) the animation is weird to me, it's horrible looking, however the way it is done and the way the facial expressions are done really help with the comedy in it I think. So because of that I couldn't help but give them a perfect 10, as this movie received. Way to go!

RavenJinn responds:

thank you, very helpfull


i didnt like it.......i dont know y everyone thought it was GREAT ANIMATION....it wasnt....maybe it took time and skill, but it wasnt a very good style....kinda reminded me of commando graphics...ya know....that shit game for the pc.....oh well.....i guess this IS shit anyway....

try again.....feign for my approval....im a good reviewwer and i have good taste, so ill leave you with ACTUAL helpful advice......

it was kinda funny at times, but the bad visual effects took away from the funny plot......i would have liked this maybe if it was anuimated, but the graphics were just too distractingly bad.....well......try again

satry.....the dark reviewer

RavenJinn responds:

your not a good reviewer, it deserves more then A 2, but it doesnt matter to me, you suck