Reviews for "C&D #5 Trip to Austria"

charlie and donny!! i almost forgot them!

hey dude, big fan of the series!!
havn't seen one of these in ages and i almost forgot about em'!!!
goin' straight to the favourites, so i dont forget :D

RavenJinn responds:

Thank you man, that's cool :)
and I wont forget reviews like this :)


amazing, best style ever made...You've started something..dont let it go..keep making them like this...xD

RavenJinn responds:

Thank you. I will keep them coming.


Omg i laughed so hard my face hurts :P
I could describe in 1k words how good this is but im just speachless so i'll do it in 1 word


char & Don jullie rocken!!! lateerrs!

RavenJinn responds:

Thank you dude.

Pretty good

i thought it was humorous

RavenJinn responds:

thank you. I apreciate that.

This is gay

I much prefer Mary-Kate and Ashley in Austrailia.

RavenJinn responds:

if you don't like it.. please show some respect because it took me a lot of work dick head