Reviews for "Fracture"

Fun but 1 prob

Shooting is kinda hard using the wasd Letters could you change it to were you can use the mouse instead???

Very fun

I wasn't that great. but it was addicting. Good job.


Not bad , I like this game

I do enjoy a good retro shooter

It's a fantastic game, because it tests not just how well you can dodge the enemies, but how coordinated you truly are. There aren't that many games out there that have this sort of style for gaming, and I think that this difference can make or break a game. Obviously, this is what made the game for me, the fact that you can use your ambidextrous-ness. It's good to see these sort of ideas being incorporated into games, and I hope to see more like this.

Great game and well done. 5/5 and 10/10.

Liking it

Pretty slick. Love the smiplicity.
(Tip for starters: Pressing two arrow keys at the same time allows you to aim diagonally)