Reviews for "Fracture"

wh00t, better than I was hoping XD

Man, great game. ^^ I went looking for a different one that I saw on the front page a few months ago, and it turns out this one operates even better than the one I went looking for =D Probably gonna be playing this for a while xD

I loved it

great physics were here in this movie, a wide variety of enemies with so many abilities. Score multipyer was also a nice little addition to this. power-ups, directional dynamics, this game has it all. polished and wax to a high shine, "Fracture" is truly an elite shooting game that should not be missed.


Very few games capture this much replay value, sublime and relaxing ambience, and just good gaming experience. As one reviewer said, "Games like this are a dime a dozen." They sure are, but only a few games perfect the formula.


i think theres gonna be an arcade game like this one comin out for the 360, but alot more levels =B


First Time i have ever been on a leaderboard!!!