Reviews for "Fracture"

((VOTED 5))

Now this was a great game. The controls were so original but so good Im surprised no one ever thought of them bbefore. It had cool graphics and animation that reminded me much of neon and I loved the lumines noise that the things made when you killed them. Good job on a game well made.

EXTRA COMMENTS: Lumines is teh roxorz


This game is SOooooo cool

i mean i was like o teh noess!!1111
it was funn the pink things are a nusence tho and the guy under sad it to u shld be able to buy power ups nestedd of lookin fo them

nice idea

a pong shooter xD
really great ^^

Great retro shooter

The graphics are great, the engine / physics are great, and the gameplay is great. Overall, I find nothing wrong with this game. I much prefer this one to Fracture 2, however. A Fracture 1 with Fracture 2 powerups would be awesome though.


a good retro shooter ya i agree the control r a bit hard to get use to but i like it