Reviews for "Fracture"


great physics, nice graphics and great sounds ^-^ easy at 1st but gets much harder at lv 4... only got 660, 000 points >.<

quite good

it was very fun and addicting, and the style of shooting with the directions was different, but welcome

Very good

You were right, this is reminscent of games like Robotron and Smash TV.


I think this game is a spot-on retro shooter. The graphics are actually relatively good, plus a perfect way to make the shapes explode. The only problem is the controls: a bit hard to pick up on. As for all the people saying basic this, basic that, think about it you morons, it's a retro shooter. it's supposed to be basic. like the game called asteroids? you remember now? there's a good kid.

Nice Job

The controls are a bugger to master, but I like the addictiveness of the game.