Reviews for "Fracture"

nice twist on retro shooter games

the control scheme was indeed hard to get used to, and i still havent grasped it 100%, but from what i got of it, it was definately solid. the graphics stayed true to the retro nature of the game, but still managed to dazzle. all around a fun and addictive.

Not bad

Fun little game to play=P

Not too bad

Good, fairly fun. Just a tad bit like Geometry Wars, eh? But still. Controls are a little wonky though, and the enemies really shouldn't spawn literally on top of you. That, and I agree with a previous review, it does progress a little too fast to get a good handle on the controls. Overall, though? Good for some retro shooter fun.


its fine not the best but fine not boring but not wow good

itz ok

very cool the combat interface is kinda hard to get uded to though but thatz ok itz pretty cool