Reviews for "Fracture"


very addictiv game look out!!!:D i have played it for hours:D:D:D i liked it i hope u make a nothet 1 but with more power ups then it will be perfect:D!

not bad

good game could do with the graphics up a bit tho

This game is SOooooo cool

i mean i was like o teh noess!!1111
it was funn the pink things are a nusence tho and the guy under sad it to u shld be able to buy power ups nestedd of lookin fo them

7th High Score

I did well, it was easy, it was simple. RETRO SHOOTER 10/10

Fun and simple

Games like these really work for me simply because they are so simple (no pun intended). The effects/graphics are really nice and the enemy designs are pretty unique. The most fun thing about this game is simply how you can go and play it all day. It never seems to end, which I do not care about. The little cute things make it all the better, like the funny sound and the rebound effects on your ship when you hit the barrier. The controls are also really good, as a skilled gamer can do well with nearly any single angle straight through.