Reviews for "Fracture"

Really Good

It is really good game,it is almost like asteriods but more funner.I thought the graphics were good,the controls were really easy,and i thought it was pretty damn addictve.Good job keep up the good work,I hope you make another one with more power-ups and other stuff.


great physics, nice graphics and great sounds ^-^ easy at 1st but gets much harder at lv 4... only got 660, 000 points >.<


I played this game until I got 14 million, then I died. This game could use a few things:

-MORE POWERUPS! I liked the three laser upgrades, but that was all there was. I actually hated the laser that just gives you one more square to shoot, and the rapid fire kinda sucked. The huge wave shot was awesome! But for some reason, whenever I get it, I always loose it very quickly, AND IT BARELY SHOWS UP! I think you should add on to the powerups, so when you have a certain powerup, you can upgrade THAT powerup, because I noticed you don't get any bombs or lives when you have a powerup, that sucked.

-Color coded powerups! I thyink you should be able to tell what you are gonna get! This would make the game much easier.

-Multiplayer? THAT WOULD BE KICK ASS!!!!!!


love killing the math stuff and the controls throw me at first but an really enjoyable game once u understand it well done

Very good

You were right, this is reminscent of games like Robotron and Smash TV.