Reviews for "Pick Up"

Lol smart, funny and great art

Pretty much all an animation needs. A cool storyline, catch swift music and a few giggles. Congrats, this has GOT to win a daily award.

Skaijo responds:

Short and sweet review. Much love,



This animation was awesome! The movement was very very smooth, the style is unique, the sound is perfect, the storyline, everything! Keep it up man! This is awesome!

Skaijo responds:

I'll do my best. Thanks for the kind wordage. <3


Wow that was the best animation ever.
The main character "That guy" seemed a bit weak thought.

Very well done

Nice your style was differn't but not. You mixed a couple styles it looked like. Well can't wait to see the sequel. I'm guessing there is one based on the ending. Well Keep up the good work everything was great.


just one question how did pat interups the delivery? just so the other reveiwers
get's the idea