Reviews for "Pick Up"

Good, but could have been better.

I really did like this flash, but there were a few reasons why I couldn't give it the full 10/10.

I did enjoy watching this animation, but graphically it wasn't too amazing. I did like the facial animation, and I thought the bodily animation wasn't bad, but the settings and props let the graphics down. Nothing that can't be worked on and polished up, so just keep practising with the program and you'll hit it eventually!

I loved the voice acting most of all! The boy's was by far the greatest, then his sister, but I enjoyed all of it as a whole. The only problem was the bloody music was FAR too loud! It was nice music for the movie too, it just had a tendency to drown out the top-quality voice acting that was in there. I really wanted to give the sound 10/10 too, but the volume issues need to be sorted out.

I'm not going to break the review down completely, as those above are just the things I think could be tweeked a little just to push this animation into the full 5/5.

Nevertheless, I didn't lie when I said I enjoyed watching this. I thought it was quite the awesome submission. Hope my review helped!


Turn down teh music!!!

Well it was nice, I enjoyed it, got most of it, but the one thing that I could not bear about this movie is the fact that the bloody music is louder than the dialogue. Seriously! I couldn't hear a thing that anybody said!


nicely done enjoyed it and got a number first on my favorites
make more


I LOVE bonobo!!!:)

That was an awesome flash.

You used very professional sounding voice actors.
You have a unique drawing style.
You are a good script writer.
You spelled my last name, Rolufs, right in the voice audition credits.