Reviews for "Pick Up"

Did you change the title of this? I want to remember that it was called "Hickory makes a necessary pickup" instead of only "pick up".

i like it

its really good ,thumbs up


Nice animation, but the narrators voice SUCKS. Not digging the un-emotional walkie talkie sound.

Lots of humor and action

I always thought that your work was a combination of Wogoat and Vinnie Veritas. As they have also made great cartoons, combining the two would only be awesome. It think it is funny how the title and everything is in a different language, but all the dialogue and sounds are in English. It is amazing how nothing but a blue cube can cause so much destruction. All the characters are fully animated in the best way possible (in every sense of the word). There were just so many things going on in every frame!


very good, story kinda confused me a bit, also the voices weren´t taking the situations very sirious :P