Reviews for "Pick Up"

Lol smart, funny and great art

Pretty much all an animation needs. A cool storyline, catch swift music and a few giggles. Congrats, this has GOT to win a daily award.

Skaijo responds:

Short and sweet review. Much love,


good one

good made i give you a 5/5 for the nice flash hope to cya on the front page soon keep up the good work


That was awesome, really well animated and very enjoyable to watch. I didn't totally follow what was going on, but I sure did enjoy the whole thing. I look forward to more animations from you!

Skaijo responds:

I've got a habit of pacing the storyline at a 100mph. But I'm glad you enjoyed the ride, much.

Much love.


Brilliant best animation I've ever seen in a cartoon brilliant well done 5/5 voted 10/10 review well done keep up the good work

Skaijo responds:

First review! Sweet.

Thanks for the love, man. I seriously appreciate it.