Reviews for "Pick Up"


This is the kind of stuff that belongs on the front page. The smooth fluid animation, and very well managed voice acting made it a Grade +A Cartoon. I gave a 9 to the sound because I had trouble hearing some of the Blondie's lines, and some of her Subbed overs went by to fast. Non the less, this belongs on the front page.

Need more!

Lie-'K'dit! ^_^

Reminded me of tenchi muyo ┬┐spelling? Loved the music and the voices, but i would have give'n a 10 for sound if the desruction sound effects were more, ummmm, desructive? GODDAMN! I think im spelling shit wrong.... Anyway! I await the next one! Shank-you very much ^_^ *bows*

Very good!!

Hi mate,

I liked you flash and would love to see more, but please work on the sounds. I could berly here what they where saying, thank god, there where subtitles. I liked the music, but it was just to loud. Becouse after all again, it maked hearing the voices much harder.

I liked your menu, and the build up, your Style is very good to as I think :D

I laughed, when I saw the KFC food in the birds nest ;-)

So keep it up and work on the Sounds.




Good flash....could barely hear some of the words but it was good.............im guessing there is gonna be a part 2? no, yes, maybe.....you better or...ummm your sister might die?

This is great!

I Think this is one of the best original Anime's I've seen in a long time, and I love the style you used to make it. it was pretty funny as well as an Eye-opener.

I hope to see more of your work in the future!