Reviews for "Pick Up"

Very well done

Nice your style was differn't but not. You mixed a couple styles it looked like. Well can't wait to see the sequel. I'm guessing there is one based on the ending. Well Keep up the good work everything was great.


Hell, I didn't know what to think when I first saw the title and icon for this... I thought it would be something simple to show off artwork, but the start of it was AWESOME... and very unexpected. The syling looked very anime'ish like, although I could tell that you put your own personal style into it. It seemed like it was lagging a bit, but that was probably my own computer's fault for being so old and outdated :/. The framerate was good, and the expressions and dialogue of the characters equally so. The way the characters changed when the grasped the swords was a bit cliche, but (for me anyway) unexpected, and the storyline seems pretty decent.

Your incorporation of your own unique art style's pretty fresh; I love freshness... not to be confused with Frebreeze style, but that's probably close enough.

And, another thing: Kudos to you for creating a flash that's making me type so much, lol, haven't typed this much for a single entry in so long. And hey, you're getting an 8 from most of the user ratings, and possibly the first 10 I've ever given to ANY flash, because I've had to rate a little higher due to the said computer problem. Besides, it looks like you've earned it.

And to Pirate, the ignorant anti-Japanese person a few posts below me: I hope you're ready for the large otaku bashing you're probably going to be receiving from a lot of people, Japanese or not, for being a complete bigot turd. Luckily for you, I'll spare you the pain from my own bashing, since that'd probably take up the remaining 2000+ characters I have left to write with, lol.

Congrats Skaijo for you're excellent animation, and we hope to see episode 2. Also, congrats on being the first flash maker to ever to receive a 10 from me.



That ... Was ... AMAZING. Loved the graphics, the Sound was GREAT, and the story-plot was excellent. 5/5 ^_^


Nice work. Can't wait for Ep 2


PirateogtaX, there's a whole freaking world that exists outside of your little town. You called a whole culture of people "wierd" because they are unfamiliar to you. Of course they're going to be wierd! They're foreign! Do you expect that their culture would be the same as yours? Do humans all come to the same conclusions and make the same decisions because of their inherent biology?!
No, people are different. Pay attention, and you might learn something from them.

--Rant off.

Anyway, that was a pretty fun cartoon. I could tell that you put in a lot of work. The interaction was smooth and stylish. The art had a comic and minimalistic feel to it. I liked how the plot unfolded. I liked Trish's attitude. It's a fine and dandy standalone cartoon. It has potential for a sequal, but I'm not sure it would be a good idea to play the idea out any further unless you were going to go for a whole series.