Reviews for "Pick Up"

Loved it

I loved this, I hope u make a sequel and continue it. I wanna see if Pat will make it.

If I could give you any advice, it would be, to maybe put a bit more detail into the environments, other than that I loved the style.

Cant wait for more from u. Keep it up!


it was a great flash but did u need the music playing the whole time ?

Very Nice

I like your style, its different and simple but very effective in its own way, you had some good humor in your flash (including the KFC ester egg) aswell as previous flash references (like the poster saying don't trip.) The sound effects and the music were a little loud in the begining so it was a little hard to hear what he was saying, but hey, thats what subtitles are for. After the credits you have a bunch of stuff that you would expect to see in a dvd (e.g deleted scenes and something of a making of Pick Up.) I can't wait for the second part of this flash, keep up the good work

Still climbing up the favorite authors list fast.

I've been hooked since Roadkill and Juliet. Your works are very unique and original. I heavily enjoyed this, and as always I'll be looking forward to all of your future works.

A Real Blast to say the least...

Okay after my 6th time watching this (truly incredible) I can't help but be impressed by the visuals and the over all original style that this flash definitely presented. An excellent choice of voice actors but vs. the music it nearly killed the effect you were trying to present. I see this happen too often in most flashes. You got to learn to mix you voice over, sound effects, and bg sounds in order to produce the appropriate atmosphere other wise it really brings down the level of quality your trying and, undoubtfully, have the ability to produce. The style got a 10, which is the first, and probably the last I will ever give because it deserved it. I really liked the character voices it just too bad you drowned them out with the sound effects and music. Would have given this flash a 5 if not for that. Sorry but its better to be aware of this now and work it out for future flashes than to keep making the same mistake over and over again which is why I keep emphasizing the sound quality. Check out a couple of my flashes and you will get an idea of what the sound quality should sound like. Nice work over all! Lets see what you produce the next time around ^^