Reviews for "Pick Up"

This one is by far one of the best.

As I seen on the animation in this flash, I notice there were shades and and little fading colors. The storyline was by far very complex and interesting by far. It's so confusing, I dont know who's the good person and who's the bad person. This is by far fresh with the fact that there is no hero and yet there's a mission, an objective, and even of what's right and wrong. I realized that somehow I seen this before and it might have been pretty old but this is kinda fresh and new still. The swords and the hostage part made me remember . Might have been a year or 2 ago. I say this is by far a whole lot of effort placed in and originally made by you while this diserves to be one of the best on Newgrounds and possibly maybe otther sites and places. 10 out of 10.


New one = Real Soon.

This one was amazing... I discovered it today. Hahaha, so.... Yep. Love it. Can't wait for the new one. It's gonna be awesome.


The voices were great, I did have to use the subs, but I don't care. It was very entertaining and I want to see more. Keep up the good work:)


Its very nice, the adio is kinda bad in some parts though.
Are you still making the sequel, I mean, this has probobly been out there for some time now.

Skaijo responds:

Yep, in fact I was working on the sequel just this weekend. Pick Up: Act Two is currently about 50% done animating-wise.

Anyone interested should check out Skaijo.deviantart.com for more screenshots and updates.

Great Stuff

thas very interesting, i watched it over and over tryin to hear some things that were kinda low, work on that. Other than that. You are of good and win