Reviews for "Pokemon G/S Lance Battle Final"


Good Final Ver. thats was hard

Burn7 responds:

Thanks dude, I'm glad you liked it!

When I battle Lance...

I am going to mute the game and just play this song. I was blown away! I wasn't sure what it would sound like at first when I heard the 8-bit intro, but as soon as the guitar came in, you could just tell how intense it was going to be.
Fantastic work. The mix between electric guitar, drums and synth is perfect.
I salute you.

Burn7 responds:

Well thank you, and I return your salute as a token of my gratitude for reviewing my song!

Very nice!

Really good job! i love how it all blends! Great remix!!!

Burn7 responds:


Excue me

May I please use this in a project?

Burn7 responds:

Go right ahead, just link me to it if possible! :D

next time i play pokemon silver and fight red or lance im gonna put my volume on my gameboy advance sp off and have this song playing p.s. i fucking luv this song it goes back to the childhood