Reviews for "Pokemon G/S Lance Battle Final"

This is the only 10 worth of rating in a music.

No sh*t, but I think every music in a game should be covered in Heavy Metal, like yours. Good job.

Burn7 responds:

As cool as that would be, it would take a LOT of time to do every song.

But thanks, I'm glad you liked it!



Burn7 responds:

Hah, so... 9001/5 and 9001/10? Sounds good to me!

love it

i've had gold version since i was like 5 and still play it ^^

Burn7 responds:

I know I love that game... Exactly why I made the remix.

y'z was sloppy'z

sloppy at 2:00 and 2:22 and somewhere around 3:20 ... rythym fail or something?

but yeah... i kinda spend my last (nearly) 3 years playing guitar and bass guitar (NO LIFEEEE)... so yeah... just saying...

awesomely done...best pokemon thing around.
it's that i dont have proper recording equipment otherwise i would say that i would want in on the next one. Dx

Burn7 responds:

Yeah, it's sad that it's the "best pokemon thing around" and it is indeed this sloppy. Every time I listen to this song I have no idea how it got up top with this kind of a messy fuckin' sound.

It has barely any mixing, it clips like a motherfucker, I fucked up the solos... like, seriously. But I'm at least glad it got up there.

Also you know what I used to make this? My "Proper equipment" is a Line 6 Spider III amp with a line in to my computer. And I'm planning on redoing this entire damned song. So if you just have a line in, that'd do fine. Because now I have mixing and mastering skillz up the ass so I can make even a shitty quality take sound good :D

HOLY F****ING S**T!!!!!

I swear to god, they should've put this in the game for the final battle, I say this for three reasons. Give the older players a nice battle theme for once! Second, give the younger players a good scare! Third; this song is sexy.

Burn7 responds:

Those are 3 very good reasons. But as I've said before, Nintendo would have to pay me. And they have a problem with just handing out money.