Reviews for "Pokemon G/S Lance Battle Final"

Congratulations, Burn.

But you just won Newgrounds.

Burn7 responds:

I wasn't aware you were able to just... give away Newgrounds. BUT I'LL TAKE IT!


im at a loss for words hearing this i mean the original was good but i would prefer this over it nice work

Burn7 responds:

Lol thanks dude


This is great! I wouldn't listen to it casually, but I'm glad i heard it. :D
Well done!

Burn7 responds:

Ha, well thanks for the kind words regardless!


Every day I vote this 5 because you touch the side of Pokemon I shall never venture.
Mostly due to a lack of guitar.

Props to you, good sir.
For Pokemon music needs more attention.

Burn7 responds:

I wish Pokemon got a little more attention. But remaking some Pokemon music is hard work, mostly because the songs go through so many quick key changes and insanely speedy parts that are literally impossible on non-sequenced instruments.

And you could go ahead and hire someone to do the guitar parts, and just mix them into your music. There are plenty of other great guitarists (Most a shit-ton better than I am) on the site who I'm sure would love to collab with you, especially since you're pretty damn good at writing music yourself.


This was probably my favorite song on newgrounds until I played Pokemon Heart Gold on my DS while kicking Lance's ass! Now, it's safe to say it's the best song of all time... It really owns the original Lance battle song!


Awesome is the only word that comes to mind when listening to it... I can't listen to it without wanting to whip out the DS and start kicking ass!

Burn7 responds:

Hahah well thanks a ton. If you haven't already, you should download the remastered version. It's a ton better...ish.

http://www.mediafire.com/?2zrnkpphz3b r3ik

But thanks a ton dude!