Reviews for "NG Sketchbook Tour 06"


So this was cool I like the idea here and a good concept and you won some major awards for this piece it really was deserving so good job on the awards and normally I offer some ideas for improvement but you really don't need any changes on this you have produced a beautiful game here so keep up the good work


Great stuff! I love seeing collaborations between so many great artists. Even if it was just pictures, it was still awesome to look at. I admit I was a tad turned off by the sketchbook background. Still, it was a pretty original idea. Maybe my favorite was Dave's?

I loved the opening part. I thought the whole thing would be like that. I'm glad it was easier to look at. Shouldn't a yearly thing be done at the end of the year? Whatever, it was still awesome.

shouldn't this be in adult? (contain bewbs n dix)

Great Early Effort!

This is a fun flash version of what was a great NG Community project. Seeing as I can't actually hold the actual NG SKetchbook from 2006, this is a great way for me to see all of the artwork in it. It's fun for me to look at all of the different styles that were submitted and I love how it shows off who the people were and what they're like on Newgrounds.

This is a well put together flash showcase of a real world project. I love this and I'm glad that this wasn't just a one time deal.


I remember I used to visit NG back in '06 but never had an account. Wonder if anyone knew Luis, PhyscoGoldfish and Mindchamber were gonna be admins back then.