Reviews for "NG Sketchbook Tour 06"


Nice one guys! The art is amazing. Especially by some of the younger artists - that was awesome.

Roll on the next tour ;)

It was ok.

As far as flashes go u did great!

this should be in a gallery

wow, just incredible, some of this stuff was simply amazing, one thing that might have been cool would be a link to the authors page so we could compare their sketchs to their work, perhaps a little of a bio and perhaps their best flashes, so we could get a full picture of their brilliance
thanks, can't wait till you do it again

Amazing idea to have a book for all artists.

What a variety of artists, ideas and drawings. It certainly showed us the inside of a lot of artists's thoughts and putting these thoughts and ideas in drawings for all to see. Some of these were really elaborate. Interesting.


such an awsum concept, to actully see the best of artist's work hand drawn in a book. Tho the 2 paged rant at the beginning was a bit off, but funny