Reviews for "NG Sketchbook Tour 06"

That was great...

I wish I could have gotten in on that...

Twas a very neat idea.

some great art, but...

Not much of a Flash. I did pass it but only just. If it were not for a few exceptional pictures I think most people would not have passed it. At the end of the day its more or less a slide show and if it were not for the circumstances it would not have a place here.
I do feel that something could, some how be done to it or with it, it might be the start of an animation that woudl be much more interesting.

go dim,krinkles and afro ninja...

and rubber ninja,tom fulp and im about done alout of these artists sucked but this rocked!

Fucking awesome

I can't believe I haven't looked at this before now.. I remember when Luis was starting this, hehe :)

Well it's fantastic seeing pictures by people who I know through the Flash forum, and a lot of them suprised me. A couple were absolutly gorgeous as I expected (Luis, AITD, Chesire, etc) but I had no idea Denvish could draw, or Neg for that matter. I wish I had joined in on this, even if my picture would look worse than Toms ;) It's all about the creativity of each individual though.. and thats what makes this a great piece of work. Great idea Luis, and count me in next time (there better be a next time!!).

Stand out pages: Denvish, AITD, Chesirepus (possibly the best page), BMK, Conair (just looks cool), Jotandjab, Sqeezy, Luis, Krinkels, Fetuseater, Bluebaby, Psychogoldfish, Negative, Bezman, mynamewontfitin, SFB, Gi-Go, Heretik, Pako, Stamper. The rest were awesome too..

Btw you spelt S1ntech wrong.. duh ;P

Honestly guys...

No offense to Tom, Newgrounds, the artists or anyone... But what in God's Monkeys are some of you doing on the internet! Take samples to art firms, they are out there. Make money for what you love to do. If you happen to be that godly, follow in the footsteps of those like Adams or Graham. Don't let yourself go to waste. CAN I BE ANYMORE CLEAR! Besides, even if you have another job, you obviously have time to do this on the side... just throw your art at companies and say, "Pay me!" and they probobly will.

~sigh~ Excellent work by the way.