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Reviews for "Athalina RPG"


i got to level 13 that quest with the zombies was hardest lol i as mostly using my skill points on my 1st attack and then i noticed i had more options so i only got shield bash and double strike best rpg game i ever played

i Think thats much better than age of Conan!!!

i´ve played full48 hours WOW THAT GAMR IS AWESOME!!!!!

Overall, it's great!

It's a fun game while it lasts, but unfortunately it doesn't last very long. I like the ability to do quests and the concept of the skill points system, even though it's hard to get skills, but once you do all the quests, it's a pain in the neck to level up. Maybe Elwer Forest should get tougher as you do? It's not hard to make money, so that's good, and I love the idea of fighting the 'uber' enemies to get the strongest items. I really hope there's a sequel.


Great game ! This had me addicted for a good 20 minutes. I was having a great time playing until my mistake of accidently saving over my higher leveled character (>.>) Besides that, the save feature let me play about 10 times over and over. That was good since I wasn't on alot, so being able to continue later in the day is always nice. The weapons are few, but nothing bad. The armor decent. The game itself is worth playing. A few types of enemies, some bosses, many quests, a great RPG xD One request though; a sequel! Hopefully with more bosses, weapons & armor choices, and maybe more areas/towns. It's worth another version xD

A good starter game

In terms of interactivity, I appreciate the control customization, as minor as it was. Though the battle system seemed very basic, and at times I wished I had an extra hand. The gameplay was all around decent, I must say. The monsters reacted well, I never got literally stuck. There as a difficulty curve, but it was simple to progress along. This seems to be more of a game you could beat in under a day just to say you could, which is not at all a bad thing. It's got a good solid progression. Though one thing comes to mind. What's the penalty for dying? Going back to town? If that's the case, what's the point of town scroll portals? I could just die. This was an enjoyable experience, and I hope that you and your team move onto the big leagues.