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Reviews for "Athalina RPG"

Very very Awesome

Very fun game, i'm still thinking about it, i have a lvl 15 warrior, the game was very enjoying and i hope you can make a second one with new mobs classes and items! that would be FTW


Decent game, but the lack of a compelling storyline or any challenge at all doesn't really give you a reason to keep playing. Not as good as games like Telepath or Mardek, but still fun.

great game

simply awesome, who cares about a few glitches


Well, this is no Linion, but it's decent for a small RPG. There's no reason anyone should have to level beyond level 15, unless they really like grinding or using that instant-leveling exploit (which I was unaware of until I had finished the game and read reviews); I was also able to finish it in a sitting without any setbacks. The only bug I noticed that affected my gameplay was the wall glitching; rarely I'd accidentally run into a wall and move slowly through it, rather than being pushed back towards where I'd come from, eventually ending up just outside the environment. However, in every case this happened, I was able to move back in. The combat system, however, was almost too easy to figure out: hit them, run back a bit, turn around and hit 'em again... and repeat.
All in all though, for a 2.3 MB RPG, I'll say it's solid.
Also, I love sossu's review. You really should have to take a quiz on, you know, using the language before you try to use it, in my opinion.

cant beat it in one sitting?!?

i beat this in only 2 hours at lvl 14..... ( one sitting )

but other than a short adventure this game is great!
gave me something to do and i dont feel like my time was wasted :D
its really hard to finds games like that :)

great job!