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Reviews for "Athalina RPG"

Amazing! But everything can be better!

This was probably the best internet RPG i played! Great work on the music, areas, and enemies!

Make a sequel, but make it so that there is a goal in mind, like in Legend of Zelda, you don't have to do everything in the game to beat it. And with the enemies, try to make the move around a certain area.

Great Job!

good.......... but crap at the same time

i havent played it that much, but i had to stop when i realised that the guys job was errand-man. that kinda ruined it. you go around doing jobs for money. the skills system is a rip of the sinjid sotw one. it lacked originallity, how many games are exactly like this? but dont get me too wrong, i like to get the bad points out of the way first. the music was good, but repetitive, the graphics were good too but they seemed........ tacky?


That was awesome! Like a WoW game! It was fun but a little bit easy! Make it harder next time!

am i the first to beat it in one sitting?

awesome game i have to admit! But it was too simple make a seQuel that has many morer quests (100+) and make the enemys tougher. i enjoyed the gam=e and got the best stuff but make more stuff and items if you make a sequel also make it partily 3-D andside scrolling would be nice too. anyway i beat it in 2 hours so make a beginners part of the game and a experts part that way everyone will be happy! good luck with the sequel if you make one!

Fun game, Thanks for the save option

This is a pretty fun game to play. Like the last person said, no "new" ground is covered here. The only critisism I have is that it might be a little to close to Diablo's plot... 3 brothers, fighting a "devil". The fighting got a little monotonous and it would be nice if Ice had a chance to freeze the bad guys and fire had a chance to light them on fire. But great weapon and armor to choose from.
Keep up the good work!