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Reviews for "Athalina RPG"

Great game Fun to play

The graphics are great and I really got far into the game I did 1 of quests and I am really liking this game because its not crazy difficult and it is fun to play. the monsters are fun to kill and I like the stores selling the armour I leveled my character to a magic level and also I leveled up my stats pretty high.
Bosses might be a good idea to put into the game. Maybe you can put a party system into the game too with more characters adding to your team.
over all I give it a 10.

Too easy

Good, But too short

Great game!

Beat it in one sitting, you should make more armor and weapons, and make them more expensive to keep the game interesting because i got the best armor reaaaaly fast lol took the fun out

Great game.

Can't Sell Items

Hey, I liked this a lot. But theres one major problem that you have. You can't sell items! Why? Its silly to not be able to sell unused weapons/armor etc.

gret but...

this game is great but i cant pass the black portal