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Reviews for "Athalina RPG"


well i think its definitely at least worthy of "average" but i couldn't help but notice that the artwork of the main character and some of the enemies looked an awful lot like some of the things from the hands of war rpg game, but still all in all i liked it but i wud suggest some ranged attacks and maybe some more weapons


I'd have to say, I beat it in one sitting. Did get glitched sometimes when walking into walls, not too badly though. The difficulty was an issue, so easy until lucifous, then you just needed lots of potions and the "best" equips. Overall I give it a 4 because it just doesn't feel that satisfying when finally beaten. If you worked on tweaking the difficulty of the game, while keeping a steadily increasing pace it would make it much more fun. Overall it was decent though.

Fun game but too easy

Game was definitely fun, also very long and the different class of characters offered good replay value, I personally never ran into any bugs so I'd have to give this a easy 8. The fact that there is no dungeon or anything that actually offers challenging enemies prevents the 10..

Boring and incredibly easy.

The difficulty of the game is beatable by a 7 year old. There is a much better game on NG that has a similar concept, but it is much more refined. Cons: many, controls are a little too all over the place, the gameplay is very easy, macro buttons are flawed, SO EASY!. Pros: I really enjoyed how all the artwork was done by hand which is actually the only reason I give this game 4 stars... wait that should be changed, artwork can only give you so many. 3.


This game is relatively good for a small RPG, yet the fact you don't fix the bugs not only let down players like me but the quality of the game. I was enjoying myself until I got stuck in a wall, or until I got randomly transported outside the city walls with no way to come back in. I'm disappointed you wouldn't fix it becuase you "don't care to." it shows what type of person you are and it shows your work ethic towards things that other people enjoy. Dont make another if your going to have that attitude, save it for a real game creator.