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Reviews for "Athalina RPG"

Not bad

But that background music was kind of annoying after a while, and there should be some sound when you hit the dudes. But anyway great Rpg.

Very fun!

This game is very fun and very addicting! It is a really good RPG game and I think that the way it is set up is great! There should have been some sounds other than the background music though. I think that the game is really fun and it is a great RPG game!

Excellent RPG

I haven't had a chance to play for very long, but I have to say that this is a surprisingly good portal entrant. Music sounded nice, gameplay was fairly good, graphics were consistent and easy on the eyes, and animation for the monsters and hero were very good. The interface was easy to understand, and so was combat. I like how you added in two different ways to move around, dependant on combat style.

I don't recall hearing any sounds beyond the background music, though. Some sword clangs and some monster noises wouldn't be too bad. And is vitality supposed to jump about 2 or 3 points rather than 1 point when training in it?

Good game, and solid entry, I think.

very well made

It could use a little more variety in the beginning. But after you go so far you get new weapons and attacks so it all evens out.

not bad!

this is not my type of game, but the gameplay is great. :)