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Reviews for "Athalina RPG"

I give it a 4

I will give a four because it was Rather Boring but a little fun and i hated when u just thouced a wall a little u have to w8 like 3 sec to get out... So all the mobs killed me always for that -.-

The game is really borring i barely could move

my person

Kind of boring!

It's obviously epic, in the sense that it's going to be very long. However, it's rather boring and I expected better considering the games you compared it to.

normal fun rpg

all is great. nice game and characters, missions, ect. nice.

I thought it was awful

The whole basis of the game is extremly repeative and far too basic from the very start, and in order to improve it you would need to completly revamp the combat system. That seems unlikley, so good luck to anyone willing to play it, and as much as you can make up your own mind, im sure you will soon realise there are much more interactive games avaliable. Laslty, the graphics were low quality, and this meant that after about a minuite i had become desperatly bored.