Reviews for "DevilSlayer"


datz wuz off da chain like a muthafucka i luv it da fight,da voice ova,da comedy da animation culd be a lil betta cuz it kinda looked like paper but da anime-styled characters just so damn raw keep up da gud work.peace


sorry but i found that flash to be god awful

JazLyte responds:

Oh lookie, a Madness fan.


yuor animation well its pretty crappy in the first one but as i can see rom the images on future episodes the seem to evolve and get much more in depth is that you or another animator???

This is awesome!

This video is one of those vids you get every now and then that's just dang awesome! Also lovin' the voice cast they are brilliant. Oh, headbutt to the balls at the end was awesome, that's what you get for eating Jazz's cheetos. Well done, ther's so much more I could congratulate but I can't be bothered! WELL DONE!!

JazLyte responds:

See, don't ever fuck with the Cheetos.


the series you r thinking of is afro samuri.....

JazLyte responds:

Actually, it was called Taishi. It's here on NG.