Reviews for "DevilSlayer"

hot cheetos

so he got his power baq bcuz of stinkin cheetos man dats wack but i loved it great flash keep publishin more yh

Holy hell!

I just found something amazing.

When the whitish guy casted those tornados, when they hit, they use the sound from Quest64 when the little mage guy hits stuff with his wind spell :D

My detective skills are epic.
Great series btw. ;]




well the animation could be better and a problem i see is the transaction in between frames, in the sence that it would look like its skipping frames and theres not much detail to character movement. For example when the main characet "sorry i suck with remembering names" did that wrestling move on the demon immortal, when he landed it, you couldve made it so that his knees bent to add to the realism of the weight of the character he had on top. Also the animation could use some work but then again i havent seen ure later work and according to sumova it has improved. Further more the voice actors need to step it up a bit, but i like the unique urban style, really def adds character to shit animation, i def hope to see more of ure work cuz u most def have talent


i love this animation. kinda inspires me not to give up on my dream