Reviews for "DevilSlayer"

Nice x3

I can tell your a boondocks and inuyasha fan from the animation all that was really wrong with this was the sound other than that, you did a kickass job x]


but srsly

ok the animation i'd give an 8 and the effects were cool, but the plot so far is just shit. I mean getting pissed off about cheetos? that's either shallow or a bad joke or a meaningless sense of companionship you're trying to show us. I really hope your next episodes are worth watching. And more on the plot: maybe they can have a hard time once in a while. they walked in shot up some "daemons" and chopped them as if it was a walk in the park. you could've made the purple daemon harder to kill or something. You should also work on the voice acting not being fuzzy here


at first i was gana savy not so good but the final fight was much better, i didnt like how a cut and a bullet looked the same like when thay first go in the church, i realy liked the names u made up, "Inmortal Face", but others like Jazz are ssooo over used


You've go some really original ideas apart from the sound it was good


dude the stero sucks the graphic suks and the jokes suk aswell.....ur series better get better....