Reviews for "DevilSlayer"


A black animation!!!! yeah!!!!!!! and here i thought i'd b the first one to come up with one. Urban cartoons with an anime twist is the best!!! and lmao about the boondocks comment haha one of them had to be white hahahahahaha hilarious

JazLyte responds:

haha, I wasn't even the first. There was some series on here about a black samurai a few years ago, I can't remember the name though. There's also my boy's Psion Law series, and Afrogirl's toons lol \

God animation but....

The sound quality was terrible. I like the characters but with that bad of sound I couldn't continue watching it. Sorry.


Hahahaha Lol "He aint gonna have kids" LOL Nice Video!


omfg LOL.... thats awsome haha..."U ATE MY HOT CHEETOOOSS?!???" lol

yeah,right. BIG MAC!!

Big macs are way better than whoppers. its all about the sauce baby