Reviews for "DevilSlayer"

McDonalds and burger king...

Are both very disgusting and are killing you not to mention a million other countries. That is why U.S is know to be the most obese country in the world.

JazLyte responds:

Don't be tellin' me the truth muthafucka I'm hungry.


the whole sound track just throws it all off it was like u didnt even care if the mood was set at all u put all the action sounds where there were no action it was just horrible i like the lil humor here n there but sorry this is not a series that can be taken seriously n from the looks of it it looked like it was going to be seriously awesome but u kinda destroyed all of the mood it destroyed my interest with it peace

funny and awesome

great storyline, burger king is better then mcdonalds in everyway lol. i mean the big mac isnt even big and its jus mad saucey...u get more 4 ur buck wit a whopper. but yeah this shud rlly be a anime it worthy of it and id be a major fan if dis was 2 eva become an anime.


u ate my hot cheetos!?!?!? *pwnage* LOLZ XD

Ending the argument

I aint tried the whopper yet but the big mac has to much lettuce and sauce.

Great Vid

JazLyte responds: