Reviews for "DevilSlayer"

Hold up...nigga u from Detroit?

God Damn! I ain't think it was any flash authors in Detroit. I live in Southfield. When I show nigas I know stuff on newgrounds, most of them think it's stupid (mostly my family..) I'm bout to start makin' anime but I'm having trouble gettin the software and then I gotta learn how to use it and start drawin better.

JazLyte responds:

Yup, I live in the Lansing boondocks now since last year, a.k.a. boringville but the D's where I grew up ;). I lived in Southfield for awhile too off of Lahser and 11 mile, and I thought it was quiet there...but Lansing beats em all. Nice to hear from somebody from my old stompin' grounds. Thanks for the review ^_^

PS. the dude who made arrogancy is from D-town too

I'd give you a 4.5 if it went like that

This was a high quality animation. Your characters were very interesting and it seemed like they actually had lives and stories to tell. Your graphics, in my opinion, were the best part of the flash. The drawings were very nice and the anime theme went well with the story.

The only thing I didn't like about the fight scenes was how it didn't really show the actual contact or blocks- it seems like you were focusing on how powerful they were and not how they used it.

The sounds were a little off as well, like when one of your characters threw the sword at the female demon's face, it made a male grunt sound. You might want to expand your repitoir of sounds for future animations and coordinate them a little more.

Otherwise, this was a really nice animation.

JazLyte responds:

Yeah, I'm guilty on the fights. I was still really new to flash when I made it, and I still am. But I'm workin' hard on actually putting "action" into the action scenes. You had a good way of putting it. "it seems like you were focusing on how powerful they were and not how they used it." That really helps me to see where I went wrong at. Thanks for leaving a constructive review, it's refreshing, man. :)

Hot, fresh, and stuffed full of cliche!

I liked it quite a bit for the storyline, and the characters and the concepts you have are quite enthralling, but I didn't like the artwork or the voice-acting (But then again, I am quite high strung on things like that for this kind of animation =D Don't take anything *I* say seriously.) I'm looking forward to watching your others!

JazLyte responds:

You're confusin' me man! @_@ Glad you enjoyed it? I think... Wait, what?

Whopper.....No Big Mac.....No.....CHEETOS!!!!

Major Lolage in this flash.
It was funny while still being serious.
And I would have to agree that fried chicken is evil :P

JazLyte responds:

it's evil, but it feels so good!


Lol, cheetos. How ever, there were points where the background music was louder than the people talking and I wouldn't have known what they where saying if it wasn't for the subtitles. Also, the animation was a little laggy in places. But the art was really good, and the action, despite the lag, was really fast paced and, um, actiony. >.> <.< .... Whopper.